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Verizon Employee Benefits

The Cortale Group at LPL Financial has many years of experience working with Verizon employees. We
are deeply familiar with Verizon employee benefits, and because of our experience, we are confident
that we can help you make the most appropriate choices to help you work towards your financial goals.
Some of our competencies with the Verizon employee benefits include:

  • Pension: Our team is constantly monitoring interest rates (PBGC and GAAT) and its affects on the
    pension plan that Verizon offers. We’re familiar with the different options you have when it comes
    to survivorship, and whether a lump sum or annuity option is best for you based on your goals
    and objectives.

  • 401K: We can help you manage your 401K benefit and its investment options (fixed income and
    target date funds)

  • Medical Benefits: We’re familiar with retiree medical benefits for you and your spouse in
    retirement, and how much Verizon will pay during your years in retirement.

  • Restricted Stock Plan: We are familiar with the intricacies of equity compensation and highly
    concentrated stock portfolios, and where these benefits fit into your overall financial situation.

  • Key Contacts: After being involved with Verizon employees for so many years, we’ve developed
    a network of contacts who are comfortable with us and are able to provide us with consistently
    accurate information and assistance. We know who to contact should a question or concern arise.

With all of the years of experience with Verizon employees, we’re extremely fortunate to have built long
lasting relationships with many of your colleagues. We’re grateful for all of their trust, and if you have
any questions about our services, ask around. Our reputation and understanding of Verizon benefits is