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Robust Toolset: John is supported by a powerful toolset, from comprehensive oversight to technology solutions.

Oversight and Governance: Protecting the best interests of the investors and advisors is of utmost importance to John. As the increasingly complex financial industry and regulatory environment evolve, John remains devoted to serving his clients ethically and exceedingly well, which is why John along with LPL has made a long-term commitment to enhancing our risk management and compliance structure. Since 2012, LPL has made increasing investments in its core infrastructure-including people, process, information security, and technology to sustain a leading control environment focused on risk that matters.

Direct Access and Simplified Statements: LPL’s systems give you direct access to real-time account data, so you can track your investments. Additionally, LPL provides consolidated statements and end-of-year summary statements. All your important information-purchases, sales, cost basis, income, and dividend distribution is contained in one report.

Research and Insights: John has access to objective market analysis from LPL’s research team, one of the largest and most tenured research groups among independent brokerage firms. LPL’s analysts’ knowledge of the market and economy allows John to provide insights and recommendations across a range of investment products. Because LPL’s analysts have no vested interest in particular products, our analyses and recommendations are always objective.