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Complete Confidence Retirement Plan

1) Determining your dreams and aspirations

We first need to lay the foundation for your plan by clarifying your goals.
We will be sure to address your fundamental and most basic
needs first. We’ll then determine your passions and what you
want to accomplish during retirement-finally get to those
things you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t-until now.

2) Retirement building blocks

Once we’ve determined your objectives, we’ll need to shift focus to your
finances. What is the current state of your financial portfolio? What are
your income needs, and what challenges do you foresee?
After we’ve taken an honest look at your current situation,
we’ll develop strategies to help you navigate through
retirement with confidence. We’ll address daily living
expenses, long-term care needs, and liability protection.
Every so often we’ll test your plan for worst-case scenarios to make sure
we’re being flexible yet realistic.

3) Defining your retirement income

After getting an idea for what you’re hoping to
accomplish during retirement, we’ll determine your
need for income. Establishing a process
to help finance your lifestyle will give you confidence
and a sense of control.

4) Legacy planning

We know how important your family and community are. Developing a
plan for your estate is just as crucial as planning your years
in retirement. We can collaborate with your attorney and
build strategies to help your beneficiaries avoid probate
and costly tax implications. We can also help you give back
to your community through charitable giving.