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Recent Webinars and Presentations

John Cortale hosts webinar with Danny Cohen, Senior Vice President at John Hancock Investments, on the Economy and the 2020 Presidential Election

John Cortale Webinar: The Economy And The 2020 Presidential Election - October 28, 2020

John Cortale hosts an educational webinar with Danny Cohen, Senior Vice President and Business Consultant at John Hancock Investments, on Social Security and how to maximize its benefits

John Cortale Webinar: A Closer Look At Social Security - September 16, 2020

John Cortale hosts a webinar with Brett Eaton, Peak Performance Coach, on tips on how to stay healthy - mind and body - during this pandemic and beyond

John Cortale Webinar: Invest in Yourself - Wellness Webinar - June 17, 2020

John Cortale and Brian Marks host a webinar to help you see beyond today’s worrisome headlines, take advantage of future trends, and put long-term investment strategies to work for you

John Cortale Webinar: Don't Let Media Headlines Cripple Your Future - May 7, 2020

John Cortale and Emily Dupre host a webinar to urge investors to stay focused on the long term during the coronavirus outbreak

John Cortale Webinar: How to be a Resilient Investor - April 21, 2020